The Freedom to Dream

We work with marginalised communities to create a positive sustainable impact, ensuring the well-being of vulnerable families and changing their lives for the better.

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About Us

Spread Love is a volunteer-led independent Malaysian non-profit-organization with a mission to create life changing impact on the lives of vulnerable families. The NGO emerged out of existing needs within the local community with a central aim to serve the people. We strive to address the structural barriers to overcoming hardships in disadvantaged and at-risk communities, such as patterns of discrimination and exclusion; lack of access to essential public services; conflict and social disorder; and major public health threats.

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Our Mission
1. Action & Initiatives

To encourage the welfare of the community with targeted action and initiatives among members. 

2. Creating Opportunities

To help members of the society whom are marginalised by poverty and lack of opportunities

3. Charity

To carry out charitable work in line with the goals of the organisation

4. Self-Sufficiency

To contribute to the formation of a self-sufficient individual as working member of the society.

5. Personal Development

To ensure the well-being and holistic personal development of our members  

6. Women, Children & Families

To empower women and children to eventually become independant and self-sufficient.

Success Stories

"Ever since Spread Love was founded, till date, we have postively impacted 6 families and 15 individuals. We've helped to ensure the livelihood of these families and the young children that were impacted by the loss of their fathers and brothers. With the help of our sponsors and team members, we've secured a monthly supply of groceries for these families that are entrenched in poverty. Also, we have educated and created awareness among the communities surrounding these families on the dangers of crime and the lifetime impact it could have on them."

- Angelia, Chairman
Our Main Focus Area
Create Awareness on Crimes

Many youths from families entrenched in poverty resolve to performing criminal activities without fully realising the consequences it has. Our focus lies in educating them and making them more accountable and responsible of their lives.

Upskill & Train Youths

Unemployment and poverty goes hand-in-hand and by assisting youths to get the training and education required to land a job, we manifest a chance for these youths to create conomic well-being for themselves and their families. 

Empower Women & Families

The majority of those whom are indicted of a crime are males. This deprives their children and families their sole breadwinner. We support these women and families to eventually become independent and self-sufficient.