Our Projects
Current Projects
Monthly Groceries Distribution

We select 10 families each month, and distribute a month's worth of groceries for them to sustain themselves, in order to ease their burden.

Public Awareness Campaign

We highlight issues that plague Malaysian society like poverty, death penalty and crime and create more public awareness to them.

Champion Human Rights

We speak on behalf of the prisoners in Malaysian and Singaporean prisons to ensure that their rights as human beings are respected.

Upcoming Project
Save Pannir Campaign

Sebaran Kasih is collaborating with the Save Pannir campaign to create a music album. This album serves to highlight the pain and plight that prisoners on the death row feel, as their death approaches them. The songs in this album are written by Pannir Selvam, an inmate on the death row inside Changi Prison, and will be sang by 'Amalina' singer, Santesh Kumar and ex-MACC chief, Mdm. Latheefa Koya.

This album, is an effort to promote the abolishment of the death penalty, which is touted by many researchers and human rights advocates like SUHAKAM and Amnesty International to be cruel and discriminatory. Despite imposing a moratorium, Malaysia has not placed a ban yet on this cruel and archaic form of punishment. Sebaran Kasih hopes that Malaysia and Singapore will follow the footsteps of 142 other democratic first-world countries like Canada, UK, and Germany to pass a legislation that bans this punishment entirely.

Angelia, Chairman
Initiatives Under Save Pannir Campaign
A Music Album

A music album to be launched sung by 'Amalina' Singer Santesh Kumar. The lyrics of the songs inside the album is written by a prisoner on the death row.

Media Releases

We periodically write articles to various news outlets like The STAR, Malaysiakini and others, to create awareness on this issue to inform and educate more people.

Collaboration with other NGOs

We work with other like-minded NGOs, individuals, enterprises and companies to support their efforts in campaigning for the abolishment of the death penalty.

We Touched Hearts & Changed Lives

We are small but we do our best to positively impact the lives of people around us. We are aware that we exist in a web of connections and the little actions like the ones that we do can make a big difference for the ones we are helping and in the world. 

Angelia, Chairman