A Call for Compassion and Justice

Show compassion and respect by not executing a woman. It is heartbreaking and disappointing to hear the 2 execution notices from Singapore. History has shown us that people can change. The focus should shift towards rehabilitation and providing opportunities for growth and redemption. Executing a woman is at terrible, backward, in today's day and age. Any state that executes women should not pride itself on standing with women or celebrating International Women’s Day.  A state that has no compassion. 

Saridewi Djamani was sentenced to the mandatory death penalty in 2018, her execution is reportedly set for Friday 28 July, hanging a woman for trafficking 30 grams of diamorphine is crazy. A 3-in-1 sachet of Milo or instant coffee is 25 grams. Life has no price but it is not worth this little. Women are already traumatized inside prison and are now set to be executed. Instead of executing women, addressing these root causes and providing rehabilitation programs can offer a path to a better life.

According to a report by the Asian Anti-Death Penalty Network (ADPAN)  and Amnesty International, the potential for wrongful convictions is one of the reasons why the death penalty needs to be abolished. Women and men can be victims of flawed investigations, biased judgments, or coerced confessions. Executing an innocent woman and man is an irreversible tragedy. To minimize this risk, any state must reevaluate the use of capital punishment.

Executing women affects international norms and global perspectives. Across the globe, attitudes toward capital punishment are evolving. Many countries have abolished or put a moratorium on executions, recognizing the need for more humane and compassionate approaches to criminal justice.

This news is overwhelming or distressing. We request for more organizations to support and participate this discussion because it is crucial to take action against this repeated cruelty of the state. We request the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNOCD) and the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) to fight for a world free of executions, focusing on compassion, pursuing justice, and upholding human rights.

It is time to stand united against the execution of women and move towards a world where every life is valued and respected.

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